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  • 1, plastic gear slowdown, lightweight
  • 2, can be reversed, support speed
  • 3, the output shaft of the motor has a certain self-locking
  • property when there is no electricity
  • 4, suitable for toy tank crawler motors, robots and other
  • applications
Detailed introduction
Technical Parameters
Voltage Current No-load speed Load speed Torque Weight
DC12V 2.5A 3RPM 2.4RPM 0.8kg
DC12V 1.8A 6RPM 4.5RPM 0.7kg
DC12V 2.4A 13RPM 10RPM 0.7kg
DC12V 1.9A 39RPM 29RPM 0.7kg
DC12V 1.9A 59RPM 45RPM 0.7kg
DC24V 2.5A 7RPM 5.5RPM 0.8kg
DC24V 1.8A 14RPM 10.5RPM 0.7kg
DC24V 1.8A 40RPM 30RPM 0.7kg
DC24V 1.8A 120RPM 91RPM 0.7kg

Dimensions(unit: mm)
12V3 RPM and 24V7 RPM with black motor (the rest are with gray motor)
With gray motor (single shaft means that the gearbox has only one side out of the shaft)
Can be equipped with bracket