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  • 1, single/double output shaft, strong power
  • 2, can be reversed, support speed
  • 3, the output shaft of the motor has a certain self-locking
  • property when there is no electricity
  • 4, Suitable for automatic monitoring, electric curtains, etc
Detailed introduction
Technical Parameters
Voltage Current No-load speed Load speed Torque Weight
DC6V 1.8A 1.8RPM 1.4RPM 0.38kg
DC12V 1.5A 2RPM 1.5RPM 0.38kg
DC12V 1.5A 4RPM 3RPM 0.38kg
DC24V 1A 4.2RPM 3RPM 0.38kg
Dimensions(unit: mm)
Double output shaft
Single output shaft